Sustainable Learning Results:
brain-friendly. evidence-based. behavioral-focused. applicable.

Learning has changed …

from TO
classroom only integrated learning approach
gaining knowledge only developing and  applying relevant skills on the job right away
great content evidence-based content and brain-friendly learning experience
methods & tools-focus behavioural – psychological – human science based


How can you adapt and create effective and sustainable learning?

Learning = Business Success

  • Quicker ROI.
  • Higher transfer & application on the job.
  • Higher effect on job success.

Selected Evidence-Based Competencies

  • Create a Performance-Effect e.g. Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Adaptive Leadership, Diversity
  • Access Natural Human Competencies e.g. Learn in and from Nature, Wolves

Integrated Learning Environment/Plattform

  • Supporting the Learning Design & Learning Process
  • Mobile Learning – anytime – anywhere – any device
  • Adaptive Learning – individual pace & learning paths

Effective Learning Design & Methods

  • brain-friendly
  • self-reflective
  • blended learning & coaching (in-class, self, action-learning)
  • virtual communities of practice / facilitated peer groups

Our Proven Blended Learning Architecture & Design

Knowledge & Understanding

Proven Learning Elements are ...

Class-Room Seminar, Workshop, Training

Individual Coaching Sessions

Self-Study of online videos, books, …


Mandatory Readings

Facilitated Virtual Peer Group Exchange

Proven to be the most effective Source of Learning

Sharing & Exchanging with a community of colleagues

Exploring Understanding and Application

Aggregating the Group Learning

Facilitated by a Experienced Virtual Peer Group Facilitator

Online and Virtual (synchron & asynchron).

Self Reflection Practice

Step Back & Think

Learning Journal

Lesson Learned from applying new ways

Personal Learning Assignments

Self- & 360 Assessments (evidence-based & normed)

Learning Transfer & Application

Deepen your Learning & Apply on the Job

Skills & Competencies are developed by applying

Adaptive Leadership Challenges, Initiatives, Projects, …

4 Phases-Approach (Scouting, Engaging, Implementing, Lessons Learned)

With Engagement of Managers, Mentors, Peers, Stakeholders and

Innovative multi-national companies rely on us

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